Eissalon Biondi

Wiedner Gürtel 12, 1040 Vienna, Österreich Wegbeschreibung für diesen Spot
Wiedner Gürtel 12
1040 Wien
+43 1 5037865

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    • 29. Jul 2012

    Gutes Eis?! Ich arbeite gleich ums Eck, Eissorten schmecken jeden Tag unterschiedlich (negativ), miniportionen, unfreundliches Person; komplett unkompetent

    Hygiene: 1 1/2 Jahre liegen ECHTE Mehlspeisen
    in der Auslage , komplett verschimmelt, Kosumentenschutz sollte einegschaltet werden

    • Seriously Monica? I use to come there really often and I never found anything wrong with the quality of the products that Biondi offers! The ice cream is always fresh and HOMEMADE as I personally seen with my eyes and tasted with my mouth!!! The same for the cakes and biscuits!
      You said that you work right close to Biondi & Biondi and I think this bad review that you made is just an attempt to get more customers for your place! Am I wrong? That's not correct and honest at all !

    • Hi Alessio D.
      That’s my opinion and I don' really care if you like it or no....
      Maybe you think about you that you are Mr. 'knowing all’, however you are mistaking when you write that I attempt to have more customers ......where? Is nothing here nearby where you can have some ice cream or cakes.
      Please stop writing nonsense, I don’t have any reason to lie about it.
      Do they pay you to write this ore you get some ice cream?
      That's not correct and honest at all !

    • Hi Monicagmoser M. That’s my opinion and I don' really care if you like it or no.
      As I said, i use to go there often (more than you I guess) to eat ice cream or whatever i like and I never found something wrong with it. I could also be Mr. 'knowing all' but at least i'm not arrogant like you!
      Have a nice day

    • Me arrogant? Take a look in the mirror!!
      U tooo!!

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  • Katherina V.
    • 32
    • 8
    • 23. Mai 2012

    War mal nach einem Besuch im Belvedere hier. Netter Laden. Nette Mitarbeiter. Guter Kaffee und gutes Eis.

  • Vito R.
    • 1
    • 26. Dez 2009

    complimenti questa e una gelateria dove io la consiglia per il clima cordiale che ci si trova,in piu il proprietario il signor stefano e un vero maestro pasticciere dove giornalmente fa dei dolci tipici toscani e viennesi.colgo l´óccasione per salutarlo e auguro che la filiale numero 2 che aprira in febbraio nella wiednerhaupstraße 117 possa essere aprezzata come la numero1 .buon natale e felice anno nuovo